Translation of the main text of IOL 594 (from Tun Huang)


The Small Hidden Grain
(sBas pa’i rgum chung)


Homage to the most holy and glorious Kun-tu bzang-po (Samantabhadra)


How much does a deep non-conceptual state , appear as an object of the intellect? The experience of the profound non-conceptual state is of experience, not imagination.

All phenomena are “Buddha Nature". Phenomenal existence does not follow its own independent autonomy. However profound the words one utters, one cannot express the point.

The activities of accumulation of merit, both physical and spiritual, the practice of contemplation, and purification of the samsaric traces, are all snares that entangle us. Intangible space cannot be modified.

Sitting up with legs crossed, all physical adjustment, derives from attachment to the body. Formless space cannot be modified.

That which exists from the beginning, like space does not sit up with legs crossed.

Just as the true nature of oneself remains in a space-like state, it is the basis for transforming into the Basic Space of Reality. So is the Basic Space of Reality the basic nature of Enlightenment.

The Nature of Mind that has no roots, beginning or end, cannot be searched for and found. It is like space.

The unborn Enlightenment, is not dependent on "cause and eect". The most profound precept, the “Small hidden grain”, the key to the scriptures and precepts. The end."