The Twin Truths won by keen Dual Consideration:

The blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, the first consideration is:
Whatever Misery arises, all Pain does so caused by Feeling !
Another consequent consideration is:
By ending all Feeling, there cannot ever arise any Misery !

Repeatedly seeing both pleasant, painful & neutral feeling all fade away,
and instantly vanish in each moment, one is freed for passion for feeling!
By quenching craving for feeling one becomes all cool & quite calmed...
Considering these twin truths cautiously, resolutely & enthusiastically, 
one may either enter the state of Nibbāna right here & now in this life,
or if there is lasting traces of clinging left, the state of a non-returner...
Those who neglect understanding Feeling, the origin of Feeling, the End 
of Feeling, & how Feeling is completely eliminated, are thus incapable of 
release by understanding, are thus incapable of mental release, are thus
incapable of direct knowledge, and are thus incapable of making an end...
They repeat birth, ageing, decay, sickness & death ever again... 
While those who undertake understanding of Feeling, Origin, End & Way, 
are quite capable of mental release by understanding, & capable of making 
an end... They are near the deathless dimension!

Source: The Bundle of Threads. The Sutta-Nipata 724-765



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Saved: 03 September 2005