by Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro


Homage to Guru Rinpoche, the Lord of Orgyen, the incomparable object of Refuge!



This unique, free and well-favoured human form is so difficult to obtain.

Since we have actually attained it this time,

Let us endearvour to unfold the realization of its full potential,

And not leave it to rot.


The root of all dharmas is one's mind.

If unexamined, it rushes after experiences and is ingenious in the games of deception.

If you look right into it, it is free from any ground or origin,

In essence free from any coming, staying or going.


All the dharmas of Samsara and Nirvana are one's own mind,

Only determined by its display (our perception), pure or impure -

In reality, neither exists.


Pure from the beginning, free and simple,

Not falling into extremes,

Instead, in the luminosity of its self-existing energy, it is fully accomplished.


This is the very ground for the manifestation of compassion's intelligence- Rigpa 2.

Rigpa is beyond designation and verbalization.

Out of it arises, as its display, the variety of appearances of Samsara and Nirvana.


Manifestation and manifester are not two -

In this state of oneness, naturally abide,


BODY free from walking, sitting, movements

SPEECH natural to the flow of breath

MIND free from 'after-thoughts'


In the toally free state of mind: open, spacious, restfully content, carefree - abide.


This unborn Dharmakaya's Rigpa -

Uncreated by cause and circumstances - naturally arose Raw, fresh, nakedly naked.

Unstained by thoughts of 'I' and 'mine', 'this' or 'that'

Unspoiled by understanding (mental fabrication)

In the silence of its natural simplicity - abide

'Abide' is only an expression -

In reality it is totally free from that which abides and abiding itself.


This Rigpa-Emptiness - the Dharmakaya's actual face -


Dwell, at all times, in this recognition, undistracted.


There is no end to the activity and delusions of Samsara;

The more you do, the more you they increase.

Animosity and attachment just grow more and more,

Gradually working towards your own downfall.


Therefore, instead, turn your mind towards the Dharma.


Here you will find the first glimpse - enlightenment and liberation,

You won't be ashamed at the moment of death,

And in this life and others you will go from happiness to happiness - there is no doubt.


The one who has been most gracious to you -

Your Lama, and Orgyen Chenpo, inseparable -

Visualize on top of your head,

And offer your 'heart and soul' in fervent and one-pointed devotion.

Whatever arises, good or bad, happiness or sorrow,

Rely on your only father Lama and pray to him,

Mix your mind one with him.


At the moment of death, abandon thoughts of attachment and aversion,

Visualize Orgyen Guru, your Lama, on your head.

Your consciousness in the form of light symbolised by HRIH,

Transfer it into the wisdom of the Lama Orgyen Chenpo.


If you always meditate and practice in this manner,

At the moment of death, it will come easier.

Recite the prayer of Zangdok Palri 3.


In conclusion, Dharma practice is: to cut attachment to Samsara,

To generate love and compassion for all beings of the six realms,

To tame this minds of ours again and again.

This, I plead, take to heart and practise all the time - please do!



Even though I have no practice in myself,

this short advice - the words of the Noble Ones of the past,

was written for the fortunate woman-practitioner Pelu, by the one who has no Dharma,

the stubborn parasite, the so-called 'Chokyi Lodro',

just in order not to reject her request.